Ingenuity Made to Order


Ingenuity Is More Than A Word. It’s Our Business.

In 2009, Provisur® brought leading industry brands in grinding, mixing, separating, forming and slicing to the production floor. Since then, our mission has been clearly defined: to help our customers throughout the food processing industry optimize plant efficiencies, increase throughput and deliver the highest quality products at the lowest cost of ownership.

With over 200 years of combined experience dating back to 1939, the Provisur family is growing stronger both organically and through strategic acquisitions. Today, Provisur houses the technology of six leading food processing brands: AM2C®, Beehive®, Cashin®, Formax®, TST™ and Weiler®. With thousands of installations in over 90 countries, Provisur meets the global demand for high capacity equipment and systems.

As your one-stop resource for technology, we’re here to show you the possibilities from the initial grind to the freezer. Our leading technologies and global reach make Provisur the right choice to connect to your customers with better products and outstanding value. All at the lowest cost of ownership.

Teamwork Focused On You.

We often think about our role as a technology partner and what that means. And it always comes down to listening, innovating and working with our customers as a team. You can count on our multidisciplinary teams of food scientists, engineers and product designers to assist you at every turn. There will always be someone to help assess your current needs, long-term goals and requirements for optimum line performance. In an industry where many replicate, rather than re-imagine, it’s our goal to be first with the latest technologies and deliver what you need for success.

Tomorrow’s Solutions.

From grinding and mixing to separating, forming, battering, breading, frying, cooking, freezing and slicing, ingenuity is our business at Provisur. Innovative engineering. Experience. 24/7 service support. Provisur Technologies stands for optimum plant efficiency, increased throughput, extraordinary product quality and low operating costs. That was our mission on day one, and it remains our mission today.

Provisur Sustainability. 

Mission Statement

  • Provisur is committed to ensuring that we adopt and maintain practices that minimize our environmental footprint.
  • A key objective of this initiative is to drive and maintain a culture as responsible global citizens.

Broad View of Sustainability:

  • Meeting the needs of the present generation while not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance
  • The three elements of Sustainability.
    • 3P’s: People, Planet, Profit
    • Society, Economic, Environment

Key goals of Provisur’s Sustainability efforts are to:

  • Maintain our status as an industry leader, progressive company, and enhance our corporate citizenship
  • Improve efficiencies, reduce waste and costs to the company and our customers

Provisur’s efforts will focus on the environmental elements.