CashinEDGE™ and Cashin® Slicing Systems Deliver Higher Productivity.

Retail Bacon Slicer

CashinEDGE Retail Bacon Slicing System

Introduces a new generation of advanced performance and hygiene standards.


Cashin Institutional Bacon Slicing System

Promises the highest yields and unparalleled slice presentation.

CashinEDGE Pepperoni Slicing System

Delivers unsurpassed productivity, advanced hygiene and a low cost of ownership.

CashinEDGE Multi-Slicer

Maximize productivity and enhance yields with roast beef, corned beef, pastrami and more.

Servo Card Dispenser

Cashin Servo Card Dispenser

Feeds J-Boards or Carrier Boards with complete reliability and efficiency.

Cashin Blade Technology

Cashin Blade Technology

Our proprietary technologies optimize line performance, slice integrity, draft presentation and yields.