CashinEDGE Retail Bacon Slicing

Precise Drive System
Enhanced Machine Hygiene

CashinEDGE™ Retail Bacon Slicing System Boosts Productivity.

From the leader in value and productivity, CashinEDGE brings a new generation of advanced performance and hygienic standards to the retail bacon slicing industry.

The CashinEDGE Retail Slicing System incorporates a lower product feed belt and a user-friendly touch screen for added control and reliability at slicing speeds up to 2000 rpm and over 60 drafts a minute. Its servo powered timing belt drive system eliminates backlash and provides precise control of the product as it is delivered to the blade. The drive system smoothes operations, optimizes slice integrity and improves overall yield. State-of-the-art touch screen controls simplify operation and maintenance while facilitating preprogrammed weight setups and faster changeovers to different weight packages.

The CashinEDGE Retail Bacon Slicing System Difference:

  • Fast, up to 2000 rpm slicing speed
  • Higher slicing yields and reduced give-away
  • Improved slice integrity and draft presentation
  • Easy set-up and maintenance
  • Hygienic design