Formax Forming

Markets Served

Formax® Forming Technologies Make High Quality Products Even Better.

The Formax brand is a partner to leading processors around the globe in a diverse range of industries. And we couldn’t be more proud of the compelling breakthroughs and progress that we’ve made in showing the value of our technologies as they apply to:

  • Meat and Poultry
  • Cookies and Baked Goods
  • Veterinary Medicines/Nutrition
  • Blended Cheeses
  • Blended Sauces and Butter
  • Vegetable Products
  • Seafood

The forming technologies brought forth by our Maxum700®, Ultra26®, F-19™, F-400™ and F-6™ exemplify why Formax is a world leader in forming technology with 24/7/365 technical service support.

Meat and Poultry

Formax is the industry’s first choice in forming equipment for meat and poultry because of the better quality and texture that we can produce. Four different filling systems – Standard, Tender-Form®, Verti-Form® and Port-Fill®– are available for any one of our forming systems. So whether your application is a premium hamburger patty, whole muscle poultry, breakfast sausage or ribs, the Formax brand promises excellent results. Processors across the globe look to Formax for higher productivity, exacting weight control, improved texture and cooking characteristics and low ownership costs.

Cookies and Baked Goods

With a Formax forming system, you’ll have the flexibility to produce all of your favorite cookies on a single machine. And not only will every cookie weigh exactly the same, but you’ll see a savings on raw materials because of the higher yields. Changeovers from one recipe to the next are fast and easy, and that means saving in capital equipment, time and money. Formax’s exclusive Cookie Wedge Tooling produces four homemade looking, exact weight cookies from a single formed portion. The interconnected cookie wedges easily snap apart for placing onto your baking sheets. The large chunks of inclusions bake on the surface of the cookie.

Veterinary Medicines and Nutrition

Formax is committed to the manufacture superior delivery systems for veterinary medicines and animal nutritional supplements. Our forming technologies make therapies more accurate, convenient and enjoyable for pets, livestock and wildlife. Moreover, Formax is committed to the development of semi-soft tablets and health chews with superior palatability, convenience and efficacy. Our advanced forming technology can help you improve productivity, flexibility, and weight control with chewable tablets from 1.5 to 10 grams. Benefits of a FORMAX system include:

  • Easy product size changeovers with removable forming dies
  • Capabilities to sanitize in-place
  • Exacting weight control with virtually no waste or leakage

As you stand ready to develop new products, the value of our technical service team is clearly without limits. We’re uniquely on-call, globally, 24/7/365

Blended Food & Vegetable Applications

Formax forming system gives you exacting portion control and excellent product appearance with the flexibility to produce

  • Blended Cheeses
  • Blended Sauces and butters
  • Vegetable Products

What would you like to form today? If you don’t see it here, send us an email.