Formax Forming

Our Brand

A World Leading Brand That Puts Our Customers First.

At Formax®, we put our customers first with solutions designed to help them build more profit and equity in their brands. For over 40 years, we have served our customers as a trusted partner offering new and better ways to optimize line performance, product quality and food safety. In 2009, Formax joined the Provisur® family of proven brands, which includes the AM2C®, Beehive®, Cashin®, TST™ and Weiler® names, strengthening efforts for continued innovation and international expansion.

We have dedicated our every resource to superior problem solving, technical innovation and collaboration for the sole benefit of our customers. To that end, the Formax brand is representative of the versatility, reliability and value that our customers demand as they seek ever greater success. It’s also at the heart of our philosophy that “Together we can do anything.”

The bottom line is that our brand stands behind yours as we strive for the very best in product appearance, texture, yields and financial returns. Our efforts to meet your individual requirements encompass:

  • Advanced forming systems for processors large and small
  • Exclusive tooling and filling systems for natural shape and texture
  • Unmatched versatility within a broad range of markets
  • Customer collaboration
  • Worldwide technical service from Provisur 24/7/365
  • Lowest ownership costs

With Formax, there’s more in it for you!