Formax Forming
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Direct Drive Servo System
Low Maintenance Rotary Drum

Introducing the Revolutionary VerTex660® For Mid-Sized Processing Lines.

The VerTex660 Forming System is designed for superior versatility, texture, and the lowest cost of ownership. VerTex660 improves efficiency and sustainability by substantially reducing water usage and power consumption. As the world leading brand in forming, Formax® makes every feature count. These include our:

  • Direct Drive Servo System offering drum speeds up to 30 RPM and rates up to 12,000 lbs (5443 kg) per hour. This fully complements your ability to produce a wide range of products and lower costs through reduced maintenance and more.
  • Dual Lobe Pump that protects your product’s original texture. Both the pump and the feed screw movement are operator controlled to prevent overworking, resulting in a better product texture your customers will enjoy! Portions can be as thin as .200” (5mm) and as thick as .750” (19mm) with front to back dimension of up to 6.00” (152.4mm) – providing all the versatility you need for whole muscle, ground, 3D contoured, large diameters, thin products and all mixes.
  • Low Maintenance Rotary Drum maximizes uptime and provides significant cost benefits compared to sintered metal forming products. The VerTex660 drum utilizes materials similar to those used on our slide plate forming systems. So they can be cleaned without special chemicals or cleaning stations – reducing capital expenses and lowering ownership costs.
  • Servo Knock-Out System that facilitates accurate product placement and eliminates troublesome release issues, caused by plugged drums. It also eliminates requirements for additional systems, such as high volume air compressors.
  • 15” Touch Screen Interface offering a full range of operating and diagnostic screens in multiple languages. Pivoting Product Hopper for the higher productivity and food safety Formax customers expect.

VerTex600 offers the capability to produce high quality, value-added products with Formax’s popular Tender-Form®, Port-Fill® and Verti-Form® filling systems and contoured True-Sculpt® tooling. This makes VerTex660 ideal for hamburgers, soy burgers, chicken nuggets, schnitzels and natural-looking whole muscle products, including chicken fillets, chicken selects, tenderloins, steaks and fish.