Formax Forming


Genuine Formax® Tooling – Your Assurance Of Delivering A Higher Quality Product.

Technology and experience are at the heart of a great tooling value. Genuine Formax Tooling is your assurance of higher quality products at the lowest possible cost. Our original quality tooling utilizes the finest materials and is engineered for tighter running clearances to minimize leakage and maximize usable life. Formax guarantees consistent portion sizes and exacting weight control, and provides technical support 24/7/365. Formax Tooling is available in a variety of materials including PerformAlloy®, Formalyte®, and EconoTest®. Choose from our proprietary Tooling and Filling Systems:


Burgers have better texture, shrink less, cook more evenly and taste homemade.



Creates whole muscle portions with precise weight control and excellent texture.


Creates skinless sausage and bratwurst with excellent texture and precise weight control.



Creates consistent, exact weight portions with natural texture and shape.


Creates great whole muscle steaks, ribs, pork chops and more without the high unit costs.



Gives you the texture and appearance of natural products while improving portion control.

Now, get Formax standard mold plates shipped in 5 working days! Shorter lead time available upon special request.