Formax Paper

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Product Line

Formax® Paper offers the industry’s largest selection.

Formax is committed to provide the industry’s largest selection of high quality paper products at a competitive price. Choose from the very best paper lines:



Single ply paper typically used for fresh, fresh vacuum pack, MAP or IQF (spiral or tunnel).


EZ Release

Single ply paper with a wax blend coating that provides an enhanced release for tackier products.



Laminated 2-ply paper typically used for blast freeze applications.

Pin Feed

Single or double pin feed paper with a ¼” hole drilled for use on older style Hollymatic’s or Koppen’s formers.



Single or double paper designed exclusively for the F-6®.

Custom Printed

Single, double or larger cut sheet used to layer patties in a box.

Greaseproof Bacon Paper

Greaseproof Bacon Paper

Two-side coated grease resistant paper used for bacon layout.

Cut Sheet (Layer Pack)

Single or double larger cut sheet used to layer patties in a box.

Silicone Parchment

Silicone Parchment

Single ply silicone coated vegetable parchment paper for use with extended products.

Roll Stock (Bulk Paper)

Single ply supplied on a roll. Width and outside diameter is specific to application.

SBS Coated Board

Used for value-added products where extra rigidity is needed.

Die Cut Custom Shapes

Octagon, hex, oval, round and more. Available as single or double in most grades.

Bacon Layer Pack

Used to layer bacon in a box.