Formax Slicing

Our Brand

Formax® Slicing Technology Never Stands Still In Elevating Performance.

For over 30 years the Formax brand has served the industry with innovative, high performance slicing technology. From our patented independent drive systems and 3-dimensional product scanning system to the revolutionary safety laser scanning system, Formax has led the industry in food safety, portion control accuracy and lowest cost of ownership.

Everything we do at Formax Slicing is focused on advancing technology by elevating performance and driving costs down. And that means we never stand still when it comes to developing new products for our customers. Our vision for the future is driven by a strong commitment to improving productivity, enhancing yields and providing better product presentations. So our efforts to move head with product innovation, low ownership costs and food safety have never been greater. Nor has our commitment to develop and succeed with new systems like our PowerMax® slicing line.

Continuing initiatives clearly set Formax Slicing apart as we capitalize on the unique benefits of our independent product drives, proprietary blade technologies, PowerScanner™ imaging systems, PowerLoader™ systems and more. After all, we believe it’s our brand that stands behind yours. And in that regard, technology should never stand still.