Formax Slicing


Formax® Technology Slices Into Today’s Hottest Markets.

When your slicing technology promotes food safety, new product opportunities and portion control, there's always more in it for you. More consistency. More flexibility. More profit from every pound. Formax is focused on eliminating product variations, maximizing yields, and giving you more.


PowerMax4500® Slicing System

The world's most accurate, most hygienic, most productive slicing system.


Stack Loader

Stack Loading System

Autoload stacked product into any packaging machines for enhanced food safety and productivity.

PowerMax 3500

PowerMax3500™ Slicing System

Delivering superior product control, increased accuracy and high yields.

Depositing System

Depositing System

Places thin-sliced and shaved meats into today's most convenient packaging.

PowerMax3000™ Slicing System

A more powerful mid-sized slicer built with advanced hygiene.

PartyPak System

PartyPak™ System

Creates new product opportunities by producing popular patterns and presentations.

SX380 Slicing System

Proprietary blade designs offer optimum performance at a lower cost of ownership.

Flip Fold System

Flip Fold System

Produce folded shingles with automated simplicity.


Optimizes yields and portion control for irregularly shaped products.


Product Presentations

View the almost unlimited possibilities for products shingled, stacked and shaved.

PowerLoader™ System

Automatically transports and loads sliced product from slicer to packaging machine.



Transfer System

Transfer on-weight portions with optimum product safety and productivity.



Formax Blade Technology

New blade technologies optimize line performance and improve slice integrity.