Formax Slicing


Upper and Lower Infeed Drives
Clean-Up Position

PowerMax3500® Slicing System – Delivers Better Product Control With Increased Accuracy and Higher Yields

PowerMax3500 brings you the same exceptional PowerMax technology you expect, with a measurable difference in capacity, accuracy and performance. This mid-sized slicer features upper and lower infeed drives to fully control products of larger sizes and weights, offers a modular design that allows the system to be configured for single drive bulk slicing or more complex operations, and gives you the option of up to three AccuPower™ Independent Product Drives. The independent AccuPower drives optimize portion control and deliver superior yields. By slicing each log separately, the feed rate adjusts based on variations within each individual log to maintain tighter weight control of each portion. High accept rates are achieved with minimum give away, leading to increased yields and faster payback. Variances in log lengths can also be accommodated within a given slicing load. When slicing larger or heavy products, the upper and lower infeed drives give you the support and control you need for optimum slice consistency, excellent overall slice integrity and increased yields up to 1–2%. 

An advanced automated cleanup position and open design provides superior food safety and simple sanitation. The revolutionary safety laser scanner technology produces a more hygienic environment with minimal mechanical guards, allowing cleaning times to be reduced to the absolute minimum and in a smaller effective footprint.

For greater simplicity and speed, the center rear loading system can be loaded from the side or the back. The lift system then pivots the product into the staging area just below the slicing grip line as the previous logs are finished being sliced. Once the slicing is complete and the grippers are retracted, the innovative Formax lift-to-grip system quickly moves the logs into position, thereby minimizing reload times and maximizing productivity. 

The PowerMax3500 is available in 48” and 63” models. With fast, easy changeovers to different products you can slice round, square, rectangle and D-shapes with minimal effort. If you add the patented PowerScanner™, you can even slice natural and irregularly shaped products with unmatched accuracy and yields.

Formax’s wide range of blade profiles, edge serration patterns and coatings optimize the slicing performance for virtually any slicing application. Utilizing the PowerMax blade technology results in maximized speeds, enhanced slice quality and often the elimination of crust freezing.