Formax Slicing


Clean-Up Position
Independent Product Feeds

PowerMax4500® Slicing System — Formax®’s Largest Capacity, Most Accurate System.

PowerMax4500 sets the standard for performance among large capacity slicing systems with its unmatched accuracy, hygienic features and low cost of ownership. Its robust advantages begin with user options for up to four independent product drives, a generous 8” x 18.5” throat (203mm x 470mm) and food safety features not found anywhere else.

The PowerMax4500 offers the unique advantages of Formax’s patented independent drive technology with a choice for one to four product drives, scales and classifiers. This difference promises complete control over each log as it delivered to the blade. So, even if log lengths vary, the slicing system compensates for the different lengths and every log finishes at the same time. That ensures greater control over the sliced portions and benefits the processor with consistent slice thickness, accurate portion weights, minimal giveaway and faster payback.

A robust system of automated features makes the PowerMax4500 a standout with respect to sanitation and food safety. Formax’s revolutionary safety laser scanner reduces requirements for mechanical guards and produces a more open, hygienic environment. To speed and simplify washdowns, there is an automated cleanup mode that is initiated with the push of a button. It pivots the slicing deck into the horizontal position and permits easy access to internal components.

The Formax PowerMax4500 slicing system is backed worldwide by Provisur 24/7 technical support.