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Our Brands: Innovation At Its Finest.


AM2C offers a wide range of durable, rugged mechanical separators for a variety of raw materials, including beef, pork, chicken or fish, as well as pulp from fruits and vegetables.  With its low maintenance costs, high accuracy and robust design, AM2C machines are ideally suited for mechanical separation applications.


With its unmatched versatility, unique product design and gentle raw material handling, Beehive meat recovery and separation systems are ideal for high-quality separation applications, including ground/textured meat, desinewing and specialty products for a range of raw materials.


Cashin slicing systems are respected for their value, performance and service in streaky bacon, pepperoni and bulk slicing applications. From the quality of their slice integrity to the added reliability of their hygienic designs, Cashin is the leading brand with unmatched productivity and low ownership costs.

Formax® Forming

The perfect line produces the perfect end product, and nothing matches Formax Forming. The litany of innovations that Formax has developed for food processing is unprecedented. For over 40 years, the Formax brand has partnered with customers globally in the meat, poultry, bakery, vegetable and pharmaceutical industries to deliver the most dependable, productive and advanced technologies available anywhere.


Formax® Slicing

Formax Slicing stands for the optimum food safety, highest yields, and maximum productivity, teamed with the lowest ownership cost. The leader in quality and equipment innovation, the Formax Slicing brand is powered by exceptional products such as their PowerMax® line of slicing, scanning, and loading equipment. Formax Slicing delivers state-of-the-art technology that sets the standard for the industry.


Multitec is a global leader in state of the art autoloading systems. The vital link between food slicing and packaging equipment, Multitec provides modular buffering, positioning, turning, in-liner and overlapping systems. This technology answers the demand for more creative and appealing consumer packaging of sliced foods.


TST is the industry’s first choice for standard and customized solutions for battering, breading, frying, cooking and freezing. With unmatched knowledge and expertise, they deliver optimal equipment design, efficient implementation and exceptional service.


Weiler equipment makes up the processing lines of many of the biggest names in food. With innovative engineering, heavy-duty construction, low-cost maintenance and world-class after-sales support, every piece of equipment is built to last under the most demanding environments