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Innovation Through Collaboration.

To craft a truly remarkable end product, every step in the processing line is critical. It needs to start right and end right. TST™ ensures the perfect finish, specializing in integrated solutions for battering, breading, frying, cooking and freezing food products including poultry, red meat, fish and vegetables.

The secret to our success is in listening. By truly understanding our customers’ requirements, TST works to develop the optimal solution in all possible circumstances. To begin, the TST team uses advanced 3D design visualization and planning so that our engineers and clients get a clear view of the final products in an early stage of the design process. This allows them to make valuable changes before production in order to fully realize their true vision. We also employ Laser Cutting Technology and CNC Machinery to further assure that the end product meets expectations without unexpected obstacles or costs. And, to address your logistic requirements, we offer high-performance conveyor systems to gently move your products to their next destination.

From standard high-quality equipment to totally customized solutions, each TST product features hygienic construction, low energy consumption, enhanced food safety, minimal maintenance and unmatched customer value. And, we proudly stand behind every product, offering 24/7 technical support, quick access to quality parts and highly responsive customer service.