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Cooling & Freezing Systems

TST™ Cooling And Freezing Systems Put Value And Reliability On Your Line.

After your product has been properly prepared, assure final success with our flexible line of cooling and freezing systems. Precisely engineered for unmatched performance and reliability, TST’s durable systems help preserve product integrity and quality while maximizing your ROI.

Standard design features:

  • Linear freezing and spiral cooling systems
  • Metal or plastic conveyor belt
  • Direct drum drive
  • Inside and outside stainless steel cabinet
  • Stainless steel floor
  • Customer specific belt width
  • Air leakage control system
  • Hygienic and ergonomic design, easy to clean

Optional features:

  • Double-belt system on single drum
  • Twin spirals with two drums
  • Belt cleaning and CIP systems
  • Glazing unit
  • Sequential defrosting system
  • Stainless steel floor and cabinet
  • Tag reader system
Cooling Freezing Diagram