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Super Breader

The TST™ Super Breader Delivers Unsurpassed Product Quality For Maximum Value.

For standard crumbs and Japanese style crumbs, nothing compares to the TST Super Breader. Its vibrating plate and pressure roll assure that products are perfectly breaded. The innovative hopper and feeding system help minimize the amount of circulating crumbs. And, like all TST products, the Super Breader is easy to clean and operate.

Standard design features:

  • Optimized process and handling ensuring careful treatment of product
  • Belt width 15.75/23.62/39.37 inches (400/600/1000mm)
  • Stainless steel motors
  • Frequency controlled stainless steel hygienic blower
  • Frequency controlled belt speed
  • Pressure roll
  • Hopper and feeding system designed to minimize the amount of circulating crumbs
  • Crumbs distribution on top and bottom of product
  • Easily adjustable frame height
  • Hygienic and ergonomic design for easy cleaning
Super Breader Diagram