Grinding, Mixing/Grinding, Mixing and Material Handling Equipment That's Built To Last.

More and more companies around the world are turning to Weiler® meat processing equipment for a reason. Rugged, stainless steel construction. Easy and intuitive controls. Industry-leading innovations. Low-cost maintenance. Quick ROI. And world-class product support that keeps your equipment running at peak performance.

Learn more about our industry-leading product lines, or discover how our engineering team can use our Optiline™ System Design to determine exactly what equipment will provide you with optimum throughput and streamlined efficiencies in your plant.

Standard Grinders

Proven performers with innovative features and overall value.


Material Handling

Conveys a wide variety of raw materials that optimizes food safety and sanitation.

Standard Mixer/Grinders

Innovative design for fast and gentle action.

Dominator® Grinders & Mixer/Grinders

Produces a superior product with more consistent particle definition and overall better texture.


Provides a quick, thorough and consistent mix that’s gentle on your product.

Optiline™ System Design

Provides more efficient productivity, reduces operating costs with superior product quality.