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FEED the FORMER™ Transfer System

Powerful efficiency. Cost savings. Totally flexible.

FEED the FORMER™ automated transfer systems bridge the gap, safely and efficiently moving your raw material to the further processing equipment while reducing manual touch points. This intelligent, totally flexible use of automation allows you to improve efficiency, increase capacity, enhance food safety, all while saving you time and money.

Weiler® FEED the FORMER Features and Benefits:

  • Built Weiler tough: FEED the FORMER is built with the same high quality material handling design features you’ve come to expect from Provisur® equipment.
  • Multiple applications: The system can handle almost any raw material, including beef, pork and chicken, feeding a number of pieces of further processing equipment such as formers, stuffers, pumps or holding hoppers.
  • Unique diverter gates: We’ve designed the diverter gates with a unique curvature that allows higher capacity and flow rates and virtually eliminates meat stoppage and blockage.
  • Food safety improvements: The sanitary design reduces risks associated with safety and sanitation.
  • System automation: The user-friendly controls are automated for hopper monitoring and prioritized product delivery between the preparation line and further processing equipment.
  • Designed for you: FEED the FORMER can be tailored to your specific application and processing needs, regardless if you are installing a new line or need to retrofit into an existing line and process. The option to use conveyors or pumps gives flexibility in the design process so that the equipment can be tailored to fit your needs.

  • Enhanced ROI: Even with all of the exceptional features, FEED the FORMER’s cost of ownership is low, ensuring the health of your bottom line.

  • Support to get you going: We offer turnkey project management and general contractor capabilities to be sure you get the support you need to get FEED the FORMER working for you.

  • Two-step validation: To be sure your FEED the FORMER meets your needs, we use Optiline® to validate proof of concept, then the Factory Acceptance Test validates fit and function.