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Quick, Thorough and Gentle: Weiler® Mixers

Weiler mixers are innovatively designed with a twin overlapping paddle system and unload screw, providing a quick thorough mixing action that is gentle on your product and ensures a consistent mix of all raw materials.

Learn more about the versatility and productivity of our full line of Weiler mixers and find the perfect one to match your application.

Or contact one of our application engineers today for a free analysis of your current line with our proprietary Optiline™ System Design to learn exactly what equipment would maximize efficiency within your current footprint.

Weiler Mixer Features:

  • All stainless-steel construction
  • Unique twin overlapping, counter-rotating paddles
    • Requires low paddle RPM
    • Provides homogenous mix
    • Minimizes mix time
  • Polished food contact surfaces
    • Eliminates fat separation
    • Reduces product waste
    • Reduces sanitation time
    • Increases yields
  • Full-length unload screw
    • Controls discharge rate
  • Requires minimal horsepower
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Complete electrical controls
  • Front-end loading
  • Safe, floor-level sample collection
  • Sample grinder

Product movement during mixing

Prod Mix 1

Weiler twin overlapping, counter-rotating paddle system with unload screw

Prod Mix 2

Typical ribbon or paddle mixer