Weiler Dominator Series

The Dominator® Series Is The industry's Most Efficient Meat And Poultry Grinder.

Usually, saving money and producing a better quality product are mutually exclusive. But, this isn't usual equipment. The Dominator Series is the result of our decades of dedication developing the industry's most efficient meat grinder.

This revolutionary equipment line features the engineering exclusive Balanced Flow™ design which perfectly balances the amount of product being delivered to the plate with the amount passing through the plate holes. This design ingenuity virtually eliminates roll back, turbulence and unnecessary work to the raw material. The result is consistent particle definition, great texture, optimal bone and hard tissue removal and an overall premium end product. Not to mention the lower operating costs you'll achieve with the improved design efficiencies and rugged construction of the equipment.

In fact, some of our customers have experienced a 100% productivity increase within the same footprint when compared to their previous grinder. That's why you owe it to your bottom line to consider adding a Dominator Series grinder or mixer/grinder to your processing line.

Learn more about the versatility and productivity of our full line of Dominator grinders and mixer-grinders and choose the one that best matches your application.

Dominator Grinders:

Dominator® 11 Grinder
Dominator® 14 Grinder
Dominator® 16BG Frozen Block Grinder
Dominator® 14SF Self-Feeding Grinder

Dominator Mixer-Grinders:

Dominator® 11/210A Mixer/Grinder
Dominator® MG14/360B Mixer-Grinder

Dominator Conversion Unit:

Dominator® MG14 Conversion Unit


Balanced Flow

Real Grinder Innovation
The Balanced Flow design balances the amount of product being delivered to the plate with the amount passing through the plate holes, and allows bone and hard tissue to efficiently migrate to removal ports in the center of the plate.

Contact one of our application engineers today to discuss our proprietary Optiline™ System Design and learn exactly which equipment will optimize your production line for maximum efficiencies.