Chicken Separation

Processor Opportunity:

Processors looking to wring every measure of value out of the poultry they process often turn to Provisur for the most effective counsel and most efficient methods of separating valuable meat from carcass bones after the prime cuts have been harvested.

Provisur Chicken Separation Solution:

Using rotary separation equipment from our AM2C® brand, Provisur engineers and application specialists are routinely able to significantly enhance yields, reduce labor costs and satisfy product safety concerns through custom design of modular, integrated systems.

Equipment in this system includes:

  • Combo Dumper
  • Screw Conveyor
  • Transfer conveyor with metal detector
  • Platform
  • SD3060
  • SM3060

The dual separation meat recovery system illustrated here utilizes both low and high-pressure equipment to enhance texture and quality (first pass) and significantly boost yield (second pass). This results in two different and valuable end product streams. Zero human contact with the product assures hygiene and product safety.

System Information

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