Grinding, Mixing, Forming

Processor Opportunity:

Flexibility is often a key goal when processors approach Provisur about creating a customized and integrated system designed to simplify the production of multiple products, including ground beef patties and bricks, cooked meatballs and other formed products.

Provisur Solution:

This solution was created using our Weiler® brand grinding and mixing equipment feeding raw material to Formax® brand formers. Keeping the needs for flexibility efficiency and product quality foremost in our design, the system can utilize tempered frozen and fresh products in a wide range of percentages.

Equipment in this system includes:

  • Lift and pivot combo dumper with pallet retract
  • MH80 metering hopper
  • 1612 Frozen block grinder
  • 1109 Fresh pre-grinder
  • M7225 Mixer with load cells and sample grinder (2)
  • M360B Mixer with CO2 and load cells (2)
  • BPF60 Versagrind 11-6
  • Ultra 26 Former (2)
  • Various material handling equipment

All systems are fully automated with PLC control and are extremely labor efficient. Consistent homogeneity is achieved via a counter-rotating/overlapping paddle design that transfers very little mechanical energy to the product. This configuration of equipment allows our customer to efficiently pre-blend raw materials to distinct lean points or desired product mixtures and to precisely control final blend to a given lean point or to a specific product recipe.

The final grind is accomplished using our VersaGrind® technology, ensuring a final product with superior particle definition and improved performance at the final cooking stage. Two Ultra 26 Formers help maximize the throughput of the entire system and ensure a high quality product.

System Information

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