The Model 3 machines from the Hoegger® brand offer you many benefits gained from broad-based experience developed in a wide variety of form pressing applications. Our 3-Series offers you an extensive and modular selection that ranges from simple standalone machines up through fully automated, high-capacity production lines. The hydraulic drive ensures excellent pressure transfer to the product, while the adjustable dynamic pressing process can allow you to purchase raw materials in greater variety, without sacrificing product quality. Straightforward operation and a hygienic design ensure maximum cost-efficiency. A unique combination of maximum yield, and low operating costs will result in rapid payback on your investment.

Models: IP300, IP310, IP320, IP310Inline, IP320Inline 


  • Maximum yield
  • Minimum give-away
  • Reduced cost of raw materials
  • Attractive product presentation
  • Optimized process automation

Product Applications

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Defrosting (Tumblers)