Welcome to world of T-Hex*!

Provisur Technologies is proud to present this next generation Spiral Cooker. The Provisur T-HEX* Spiral Cooker takes cooking to the next level. Completely closed and independently controlled cooking environments allow you to maximize the flexibility in your cooking process. Introducing the 6-zone cooking principle in the Provisur T-Hex opens the doors to the next generation of heat treatment. CIP piping is completely integrated in the frame of the cooker, thus saving space and minimizing disruptions in air flow and the cooking process. Drums are independently driven from the outside, creating the needed space for optimal placement of place heating elements – right in the middle of the cooker. These are just some of the many game-changing features of the T-Hex* Spiral Cooker.

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Modular Approach

  • Mono and dual drum configurations
  • Up to two completely independent cooking environments
  • Separate cooking zones allow optional intermediate marinating, coating, grill marking, roasting or other processes between drum
  • Maximum flexibility in system layout

Next generation heat approach

  • 6-Zone cooking principle
  • Alternating air flow
  • Total cooking uniformity over the belt
  • Possibility to cook, steam and roast in each spiral

Ultimate flexible configuration

  • Flexible tier setup
  • Automatic belt tensioning
  • Changeable belt length
Unique CIP Design
  • CIP piping integrated in the frame of the cooker
  • Heavy duty belt cleaning unit
  • Complete open design for easy access
  • Sloped drain pan to minimize residue and moisture after cleaning

Direct drive belt system

  • Unique direct drive belt system
  • Edge belt drive on two sides for optimal performance
  • Easy belt height adjustment

Easy and safe operation

  • Triple column hood raising system for easy access
  • Separate and easy to use HMI unit
  • Guarded thermal oil and control unit for ultimate safety during production