Provisur's powerful, compact Formax SX330 slicer takes on your short runs and rapid changeovers of meats and cheese with ease and efficiency. It can also be configured to meet your application requirements, including manual or automatic loading and a simple bulk conveyor or scales. And it has the blade speeds and larger throat to deliver even higher productivity as your business grows. 


  • Versatile slicer capable of slicing a wide range of products with minimal change over time 
  • High performance and throughput in a compact footprint to enhance short-run slicing processes
  • Flexible configuration to meet your production needs 
  • Manual and Automatic loading models to increase efficiency and lower your total cost of ownership
  • Hygienic design with tool-free assembly


  • Lunchmeat – calibrated or irregularly shaped
  • Cheese
  • Natural shaped, whole muscle products (examples: streaky bacon, back bacon, chicken, roast beef bombs)

Presentation Options

  • Stacked
  • Shingled
  • Shaved/bunched
  • Geometric patterns
  • Overlapped pattern
  • Side shingle


SX330 - Manual 

SX330 - Automatic 

Throat Area 160 mm x 330 mm /
6.3" x 13"
160 mm x 330 mm /
6.3" x 13"
Number of Product Drives 1 1
Product Length 1000 mm / 39.4" 1000 mm / 39.4"
Blade Speed (RPM) 1000 involute / 600 round  1500 involute / 600 round 
Blade Retract None Standard
Product Loading Manual side  Automatic rear center 
Lower Infeed Slide plate Driven conveyor
Upper Infeed Non-driven upper paddles Non-driven upper paddles
Bulk Conveyor Standard 1220 mm / 48"
Optional  1830 mm / 72"
                 2440 mm / 96"
Standard 1220 mm / 48"
Optional  1830 mm / 72"
                 2440 mm / 96"
Stacking Conveyor  Optional Optional 
Scales and Classifiers Optional 1 or 2 lanes Optional 1 or 2 lanes 
3-D Product Scanner Not compatible  Optional 
Interleaver Optional, up to 2 lanes  Optional, up to 2 lanes
Options and Peripherals Infeed staging conveyor
3D product scanner
Slice folding
XY conveyor for geometric patterns
Blade honer
Simple transfer conveyor
Automated portion handling systems – autoloaders, overlappers, buffering stations, inliners and twinliners

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Defrosting (Tumblers) Defrosting (Tumblers)