Processors around the world rely on the Hoegger® brand to help them ensure product safety and quality, extend shelf life, increase yields and optimize their production planning. Hoegger’s continuously CookChill systems are designed to produce consistent quality and cost effective results when pasteurizing, Cooking & Sous Vide cooking in the most varied packaging options. You can rely on our Hoegger brand to deliver completely automated system solutions starting from the discharge of the packing machine to the dry final packaging.

Pasteurizer and Sous-vide Hoegger® CookChill System
Pasteurizer and Sous-vide Hoegger® CookChill System

Continuous in-package CookChill technology ensures product quality, provides a high degree of product safety and long shelf life. Can be sized to your specifications.

Hoegger® CookChill Basket System
Hoegger® CookChill Basket System

The CookChill Basket System is designed for gentle and accurate cooking, sous-vide and pasteurization. This semi-automated and intelligent process provides maximum flexibility for manually or automatically loaded baskets.

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