From the packaged product to the carton boxing, our Hoegger® ECOPAST Series provides completely automated system solutions that provide exceptional value and efficiency for pasteurization, cook & chill and sous-vide cooking of products in a wide range of packaging options. Our continuous in-package cook & chill technology ensures product quality, provides a high degree of product safety, assures long shelf life and maximizes your economic efficiency. The ECOPAST Series is continuously evolving to meet the requirements of new products and new methods of packaging. Each model is available for a wide range of applications and can be fine-tuned to meet your specifications.

Models Include

ECOPAST 74: Pasteurization of sausages

ECOPAST 98: Pasteurization of sausages

ECOPAST 130: Pasteurization of menu components

ECOPAST 162: Surface pasteurization of cooked ham

ECOPAST 208: Surface pasteurization of cooked ham

  • Maximum product safety
  • Extended shelf life, without preserving agents
  • Consistent product quality. No damaged packages.
  • Cook in pack, saving weight loss, and energy
  • Integrated quality control for individual packages
  • Minimal variation of core temperature
  • Optimal cooling
  • Optimized product planning, less change over
  • Continuous operation minimizes production peaks and operating costs
  • Vacuum Packages
    • Core & Surface Pasteurization
      • Sausages
      • Cooked Ham
  • Pouches & MAP
    • Convenience Food Components
      • Fresh Pasta 
      • Gnocchi/Sauces/Goulash 
  • Menu Trays
    • Ready meals in various configurations
      • Cups
      • Trays
Product Applications
Process and Specifications
Uncompromising Safety Continuous in-package cook & chill process preserves your product quality and ensures economic efficiency. Pasteurization keeps products safe and results in a long shelf life. Your system solution can be completely automated, from the packed product to the carton boxing.
Cooking After packaging, automatically loaded conveyor trays continuously move products through the heating zone, using Hoegger’s patented, multi-layer horizontal counterflow method. Individual packages are gradually heated then exposed to a continuous water shower that begins the chilling process.
Chilling Moving counterflow, the product is rapidly chilled by an intense water shower and aided by a controlled pool of water retained in the product trays. This gentle and effective chilling temperature minimizes ice crystal formation.
Drying Once chilled, the product is discharged onto a conveyor belt, air-dried and is ready to be boxed for shipping.
Process Control The modular system is adjustable to your product, packaging, and throughput requirements. Cook & Chill process parameters are variable and easily changed via the PLC operating panel. The system precisely controls, monitors and logs all relevant process parameters during a fully automated multi-shift operation. You can run your system around the clock, with process verification and treatability for every product processed.