PowerMax4000™, PowerMax3000™ and PowerScanner™ Deliver on Capacity, Accuracy and Versatility in Slicing

Maximizing throughput while delivering on accuracy and consistency are key to any slicing operation. Provisur®Technologies offers advanced slicing and scanning systems for cooked meats, natural cured products like prosciutto and cheese that enable processors to reduce costly giveaways and boost yield, volume and efficiencies.

The top-of-the-line PowerMax4000™ is one of the only slicing systems that can slice up to four logs of varying lengths with independent product feeds. In addition to its four independent drives, a large slicing area allows users maximum throughput and slice four up 108mm x 165mm in the stand-up position.

For mid-sized operations, the PowerMax3000™ is built with three independent drives and a 152mm X 380mm throat size. Greater simplicity and speed are possible, thanks to a rear loading system that minimizes reload time and maximizes slicing productivity.

Both the PowerMax4000 and PowerMax3000 feature the latest in hygienic design. A revolutionary Safety Laser Scanning System creates a more open and hygienic environment, minimizing the number of physical guards that can slow down cleaning and inspection. 

Meanwhile, when coupled with PowerMax systems, the PowerScanner™ generates a true 3-D product image to determine how to slice a product for optimum yields, for either single or multiple loaf operations. The combined technologies allow for superior accept rates and waste reduction up to two percent.