Provisur® Equipment and Aftermarket Services Lead the Industry

CHICAGO, Illinois – Choosing a Provisur® system assures you of service beyond compare. As your partner in technology, we have a continuous responsibility for the daily performance of your machine. And this is why we’re so deeply committed to providing superior technical service support, round-the-clock emergency service, preventive maintenance, the largest parts inventory in the industry, cutting edge tooling design, and other innovative products and services that are unmatched in the industry.

Because more time-stressed processors recognize that reliable, expert service is just as important as the acquired equipment itself, Provisur Aftermarket Parts & Service is committed to never disappoint. Our technical service support includes 24/7/365 telephone troubleshooting, emergency in-plant technical service, top-to-bottom equipment evaluations, advice on machine settings, usage, parts replacement and inventory needs, in-plant refresher training to operators, engineering and R&D backup, and even new product development assistance to ensure your clients’ product needs continue to be met on a daily basis.

And once we install your Provisur equipment, assisting you in keeping it running efficiently shift after shift in peak operating condition is a goal we take very seriously. As part of our comprehensive program, Provisur offers the most flexible Preventive Maintenance program in the industry. Our Provisur Peak Performance™ programs provide comprehensive preventive maintenance plans customized to your specific equipment and individual plant requirements. We have a menu of services to choose from including preventive maintenance and technical service visits, equipment evaluations, and process audits for yield improvements. Additionally, Provisur Peak Performance partners receive account management from a dedicated Provisur Technical Rep, free 24/7/365 technical phone support, priority emergency service within 24 hours guaranteed, discounted parts pricing, annual technical reviews, inventory assessments and much more. We strive to maximize your uptime and line performance at the lowest cost with the best-trained service team in the industry.

Your investment in our equipment is also supported by Provisur OEM parts and tooling to minimize downtime and maximize equipment life. Starting with the highest quality materials, all our parts and tooling are precise in every measure and manufactured to the tightest tolerances to maximize the usable life and equipment performance. We have invested millions of dollars in our parts inventory, offering same-day shipment of all critical parts. Our forming tooling utilizes the finest materials and is manufactured to the tightest tolerances to minimize leakage and maximize usable life. We can provide customized tooling for the most demanding 3D product shapes with the shortest turnaround times in the industry. Our tooling is available in a variety of materials including PerformAlloy®, Formalyte®, and EconoTest®.

Whenever the need arises, Provisur will rebuild your Weiler® Grinder, Beehive® Separator, and Formax® Forming components and high-wear parts to restore them to their peak performance. Provisur knows your equipment and its applications better than anyone else, and will expertly rebuild your components to deliver higher-quality performance at a lower cost.

Our recent commitment to reducing lead time, and prioritizing rebuild activity has led to more than 75% reductions in rebuild lead times. Benefits of consistent rebuilding include minimized downtime, improved product quality, reduced total cost of ownership, reduced emergency shutdowns and product loss, optimized life of the other parts on your machine, and regained machinery performance.

Provisur is always innovating to develop sustainable technology that not only helps your line run more efficiently, but saves you time and money. As a result, we are the only company in the industry offering our new, patented Beehive Auto-Cam technology. The Auto-Cam eliminates the slinger-spacer, thus simplifying set-up, dramatically reducing maintenance costs, and decreasing downtime, translating into more production time; all at a lower cost to you.

With the growing number of value-added meat and poultry products entering the marketplace today, Provisur has created a range of Slicing Blade technologies to optimize line performance and improve slice integrity—regardless of the product. Offering a wide variety of profiles, serration patterns, angles, and coating options ensures high levels of performance. Our blades are simply unsurpassed in the industry. For example, Provisur blades are made from a high chromium alloy that goes through a 14-step manufacturing process designed to provide significant overall blade life. This material offers the right combination of hardness and toughness to resist blade wear and eliminate shattering risk.

And to keep your line running at the highest efficiency, Provisur OEM replacement blades and sharpening services reduce your maintenance costs and improve your overall product quality. Provisur (OEM) is your assurance and guarantee of the longest wearing components at the overall lowest cost.

Our commitment to customer training extends far beyond initial installations. Provisur recognizes that flexibility is key when training on new or existing equipment. As a result, training can be conducted at your plant or ours. Not only can customized training programs be built around your specific needs, our multi-lingual capabilities ensure all team members will comprehend the training sessions and feel confident in operating your equipment moving forward.

For more information on Provisur Aftermarket Services visit, email Lou Farinella, Commercial Manager, Aftermarket Parts and Services at or call 708-479-3621.

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