Provisur machinery Upgrade Kits provide affordable ways raise your performance standards. 

Did you know that many models of Provisur machinery could be easily and economically upgraded to achieve greater levels of performance, boost throughput and allow your older machine to mirror the functionality of our newest technology? 

Examples of upgrades to our separation technology include our Beehive® AutoCam. This patented upgrade will simplify machine set-up, dramatically reduce maintenance costs and decrease machine downtime. Likewise, our Inline Piranha upgrade can be added to boost the efficiency and profitability of our latest rotary separation technology. 

In slicing technology, our new Formax® SX380 can be upgraded to boost throughput and product control through the addition of a second independent drive, or the addition of more independent scales and classifiers.  

For a more complete description of available of upgrades, please refer to the product equipment page corresponding to the equipment you currently own and operate.