Frying, Cooking & Smoking

Provisur's range of cooking equipment includes frying tunnels, linear and spiral ovens and cooking chambers under the Lutetia® and Weiler® brands.

Weiler® Hot Oil Fryers include several innovative features including optimized heating elements, crumb removal systems and hygienic designs. Fryers can be tailored to your specific needs for width, length and/or application.

Weiler® Hot Airflow Steam Cookers are available in three different varieties: Linear, Multi-Tier and Spiral. All of these Cookers use thermal oil as heating medium while the Linear Cookers can be equipped with electrical heating. Designed for versatility and the lowest cost of ownership, the Weiler technology of Air Flow achieves optimal air circulation and heat transfer, preventing product weight loss and preserving superior quality and texture.

Lutetia® Cooking Chambers are versatile and as efficient in dry cooking as in wet cooking. Optimum results are achieved with precise temperature and humidity control. Customized to meet your space requirement, Lutetia cooking chambers can also be used for other applications including defrosting and smoking. 

Lutetia® Smoking Solutions include smoke chambers which are compatible with a full range of smoke generators and tumblers for use with liquid smoke.  Smoking in chambers can also be combined with cooking if desired.

Equipment: Frying, Cooking & Smoking

  • T-HEX® Series - Spiral Cooker

    T-HEX® Series - Spiral Cooker

    The next generation in cooking technology Introduces the 6-zone cooking principle. CIP piping is completely integrated in the cooker frame, saving space and minimizing disruptions in both air flow and the cooking process. Drums are independently driven from the outside, creating space for optimal placement of the heating elements.

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  • Lutetia® Cookers and Smokers

    Lutetia® Cookers and Smokers

    Broad selection of process technologies includes wet cooking with steam, dry cooking with heated air or relatively low temperature cooking of previously vacuum-packed products. Choose the Lutetia® needed to help you improve product quality and maximize throughput. 

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  • Weiler® Fryers

    Weiler® Fryers

    Weiler® transforms the industry with an innovative line of Fryers. With length, width and applications tailored to your specific needs, these high-quality systems lower energy consumption, optimize product quality and maximize your return on investment.

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  • Weiler® Multi-Tier Linear Cooker

    Weiler® Multi-Tier Linear Cooker

    Similar to the Weiler® Linear Cookers the Weiler Multi-Tier Cookers are designed and executed to the highest standard of Provisur Technologies. With its multi-tier executions it needs by far the smallest footprint in the industry compared to the output. With up to 5 tiers above each other, maximum usage of floor space can be achieved without compromising product quality, yield and appearance.

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  • Weiler® Linear Oven

    Weiler® Linear Oven

    Designed for unmatched versatility and the lowest cost of ownership, Weiler's Linear Cooker takes cooking, roasting and steaming of your products to a new level. Its revolutionary design achieves optimal air flow and heat transfer for minimal product weight loss and superior quality and texture. And, the electrically operated lift system ensures easy cleaning and complete sanitation.

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