Formax Technologies Bring Versatility to Whole Muscle Poultry Forming

Formax forming systems for poultry offer excellent whole muscle texture and product appearance with innovative fill systems and the natural look of True-Sculpt tooling.  And when it comes to enhancing product quality and exacting portion control, Formax filling and tooling systems also provide superior versatility and a low cost of ownership.

Formax’s Maxum700 and Ultra26 forming systems deliver the higher speeds and throughput that today’s processors demand. They produce 40 to 45 percent more capacity than other forming technologies and often reduce requirements for second systems. The best-in-class Maxum700 promises superior food safety and hassle-free changeovers to different products at rates up to 10,000 (4538kg) pounds per hour. The Ultra26 offers similar advantages at rates up to 8,000 (3628kg) pounds per hour, allowing the flexibility to form different products, including red meat and more.

The Maxum700 and Ultra26 also offer state-of-the-art features in food safety and hygiene including continuous stainless steel external surfaces, reduced cabinet penetrations and double sealed door designs that prevent unwanted water and product intrusion. The Maxum700 features a one-piece pump box, pivoting hopper and pivoting conveyor system to simplify wash downs and make sanitation worry-free.

Three popular fill systems, Standard, Verti-Form and Port-Fill, can be utilized with True-Sculpt tooling for forming whole muscle poultry and more with superior results. Verti-Form utilizes reduced sized muscle pieces for chicken nuggets, patties, tenders and more. Port-Fill facilitates the use of large whole muscle pieces, which makes it ideal for breast shapes with natural muscle integrity. And Standard-Fill is for economy products such as traditional chicken patties. True-Sculpt tooling is the industry’s leading solution for producing 3-D chicken patties, boneless wings and selects that look “hand cut”.

As a member of the Provisur Technologies family of proven brands, Formax offers a complete line of forming equipment for processors of whole muscle poultry, red meat and more. The company’s F26-Y, F-26, F-19, F-400 and F-6 offer complete whole muscle forming capabilities for processors large and small. Formax forming systems, fill systems and tooling are backed by Provisur Technologies with worldwide 24/7/365 technical support.