Provisur introduces STS 2000 belt separator for processors of high-quality end products

Chicago, IL – Provisur® Technologies, Inc.,

Provisur® Technologies, Inc., a global leader in innovative food processing technologies and manufacturer of a broad line of separation technology, has announced the launch of its new proprietary line of STS separators. The STS 2000 belt separator, the first product in the STS line, is designed for higher quality and higher yield applications.

According to Olivier Kerdiles, VP of Separation, “Our STS 2000 separator is ideal for operations that require high-quality outputs. One of the biggest challenges for operations that involve soft-tissue products like burgers and fish nuggets is the removal of bone fragments and other soft components while maintaining the integrity and structure of the fiber in the meat and fish. It enables high-yield separation of bone fragments, sinew, and cartilage from meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables to ensure higher yields and higher quality end products.”

The innovative new proprietary Provisur STS 2000 separator enables high throughput and quality control for a wide range of fish, fruit, vegetables, depacking and meat products. In addition to its high-speed performance, the STS 2000 features a streamlined configuration and options for manual or automatic operation, which make disassembly and maintenance quick and easy—ensuring hygienic operations and quick cleanup.

“The STS 2000 will integrate seamlessly with other Provisur equipment for start-to-finish separation,” says Olivier Kerdiles. “That’s a real benefit, because it offers the convenience of having a single manufacturer to call for service, if and when it’s needed.”

Processors of high-quality fish and burger end products can learn more about the new STS 2000 at or emailing us at