Provisur Technologies Emphasizes Technology and Integration at Process Expo

Provisur Technologies will come to the Process Expo highlighting the unique power and capabilities of its Beehive, Cashin, Formax and Weiler family of brands. In doing so, this important exhibit will bring forth the broadest platform of automated grinding, mixing, separating, meat recovery, forming and slicing equipment. And as a partner with completely integrated solutions from raw material to finished products, Provisur’s ability to maximize future opportunities through ingenuity and advanced technology makes this year’s exhibit a must see!

Weiler will bring three exciting systems to the exhibition floor: the Dominator 14 Grinder, OMNI V 1107 Multi-Grinder and a new VersaGrind 11 Pump Grinder. The Dominator 14 is a robust 14 inch grinder for meat and poultry with Balanced Flow, promising higher productivity and improved product texture with reduced operating costs. Weiler’s patented design virtually eliminates rollback, turbulence and unnecessary work to the raw material, resulting in consistent particle definition and superior product texture. The OMNI V 1107 Multi-Grinder offers a comprehensive solution for grinding everything from fresh product to frozen blocks. Its robust design eliminates changeover with quick speed adjustments, enabling operators to optimize quality and volume as never before. The new VersaGrind 11 Pump Grinder brings Weiler quality and performance to processors of sausage and other meat and poultry products. Breakthrough features of the VersaGrind 11 Pump Grinder design include proven AccuPump technology for positive feed without rollback and Weiler’s exclusive Dominator technology for superior bone collection and particle definition. No other system in the world promises a comparable level of pump grinding versatility, product quality and cost-efficiency.

Beehive, a world leader in meat recovery and separator equipment, will bring the BeeMax Modular System to the expo. This unique system facilitates the production of different meat textures and classifications with minimal waste and low operating costs. Beehive’s modular concept eliminates the higher capital expenses of conventional separators that demand multiple units for individual applications. The BeeMax Modular System does away with the costs and ongoing expenses of having individual separation units for different pressures, output hole sizes and mechanical actions.

Formax® Forming will bring the industry’s first choice in high performance forming equipment and technologies to the Process Expo floor. The Maxum700 is a standout that promises the industry’s largest capacity with speeds up to 120 strokes per minute and production rates up to 10,000 lbs/hr. (4536 kg). This system’s advanced design facilitates superior product flexibility and texture and puts operators in full control of the various mold plate actions required for burgers, chicken, sausages and more. Guests should be on alert for news from Formax Forming about a new breakthrough system that will further define the future of forming with surprising capabilities never seen before.

Formax Slicing will exhibit the advanced performance of its mid-sized PowerMax3000 slicing system and a new CashinEDGE Multi-Slicer. The PowerMax3000 promises unmatched performance and yields with the option for up to three independent product drives. Its robust design combines a center rear loading system for simplicity, advanced hygienic features and the latest automation. For natural and irregularly shaped products, the PowerMax3000 is fully compatible with the PowerScanner option with true 3D imaging. The new CashinEDGE Multi-Slicer enhances productivity and throughput with its precision drive system. It enhances capacity with its generous 14.5 inch throat and proprietary blade technology designed for slicing at speeds up to 2000 rpm.

See all this and more at the Process Expo Booth 3723.