Provisur® Technologies to Showcase New Technology and Integrated Food Processing Systems at IFFA 2013

Provisur® Technologies will be exhibiting a robust line of integrated solutions for processing raw material through finished product, as well as showcasing exciting new technology breakthroughs at the IFFA held in Frankfurt, Germany from 4-9 May. Provisur’s comprehensive food processing solutions include grinding and mixing, separating, forming, coating, frying, cooking, cooling/freezing and slicing for beef, poultry, pork, vegetable and other food products.

Provisur Technologies brands represented at IFFA Stand #8.0 J68, K68 will include:

AM2C®/Beehive® Separating and Meat Recovery

Provisur’s new Hybrid Separator combines the best technology from AM2C and Beehive in a single, high-yield mechanical separator. The new hybrid machine can be configured and tailored to optimize performance in your specific application. The hygienic, stainless steel design withstands day-to-day operations, while its unique ability to handle a broad range of raw products puts it in a class by itself.

Formax® and Cashin® Slicing

PowerMax3000® from Formax Slicing is a more powerful mid-sized slicer constructed with advanced hygiene features and up to three independent product drives for superior portion control. The companion PowerScanner™ makes precise portioning of irregularly shaped products faster and more accurate, using lasers and cameras to generate a true 3D product image prior to slicing to maximize productivity and yields.

New blade technologies developed for use across all Formax Slicing equipment optimize line performance and improve slice integrity, leading to higher profits by the pound.

Formax® Forming

VerTex1000™ is a new revolutionary rotary forming system that combines the industry’s largest capacity with an innovative design for superior versatility, texture, and the lowest true cost of ownership. It improves efficiency and sustainability by substantially reducing water usage and power consumption.

NovaMax500™, the next-generation replacement for the F19™ forming system, is transforming the industry with superior texture and low ownership costs. And be sure not to miss the launch of other new Formax Forming technologies that are taking forming to another level.

TST™ Battering/Breading, Frying, Cooking, Cooling/Freezing

TST™, brings a new level of precision engineering to the IFFA. The TST Super Breader is a breading applicator designed for both standard crumbs and Japanese style crumbs, while the Super Pre-Duster ensures product integrity, secure adjustable flour pickup and even flour distribution.

The Batter Mixer technology combined with a high-performance Super Coater delivers full batter coverage to ensure each side of your product is coated to perfection. The innovative Fryer Tunnel can be tailored to a processor’s specific needs and helps lower energy consumption, optimize product quality and maximize ROI.

Weiler® Grinding/Mixing

OMNI V® 1107 Multi-Grinder with proprietary Balanced Flow™ Technology is built to meet any grinding need, from frozen blocks to fresh meat. The rugged design paired with quick speed adjustments and no need for changeover allows optimized production volume for either application.

VM36 Vacuum Mixer is efficient, thorough, and gentle in all applications, including poultry, sausage, and other food products.

See all this and more at IFFA 2013, Provisur Stand #8.0 J68, K68.

About Provisur® Technologies Provisur® Technologies, Inc., with a family of proven brands including AM2C®, Beehive®, Cashin®, Formax®, TST™ and Weiler®, offers a complete platform for food processing equipment. Provisur has integrated solutions for meat recovery, separating, grinding, mixing, material handling, forming, slicing, battering, breading, frying, cooking and cooling/freezing equipment for processing beef, poultry, pork and other food products.

For more information about Provisur® Technologies and exhibits at IFFA 2013, or Provisur’s extensive line of processing solutions and unmatched service, visit or contact Provisur at or call (+31) 20-6590800.