Similar to the Weiler Linear Cookers the Weiler Multi-Tier Cookers are designed and executed to the highest standard of Provisur Technologies. With its multi-tier executions it needs by far the smallest footprint in the industry compared to the output. With up to 5 tiers above each other, maximum usage of floorspace can be achieved without compromising product quality, yield and appearance.


  • Separately adjustable air flow blowers
  • Air flow on the top and bottom of the product
  • Steam injection separately adjustable with 2 manifolds
  • Electric cabinet with hygienic locks and a pitched roof
  • Adjustable belt speed/cooking time
  • Easy to control from a touch screen display
  • Saving up to 50 different cooking programs
  • Continues belt wash system during production
  • Four electrically operated columns to lift the hood, hygienic design, low maintenance
  • Water seals around the whole cooker to keep the cooking vapors inside the machine
  • Very heavy duty, hygienic and ergonomic designed and very easy to clean
  • Insulated substructure and hood for energy savings

Product Applications

Ground Formed Portioned Products
Slice Products
Boneless Products
Mechanically Separated Products
Bone in products
Protein Alternatives
Pet Food and Pet Pharma



Effective usable belt width 1350 mm
Belt speed adjustable 2.4 – 18 m/min
Motors Stainless Steel, IP66
Mesh wire belt Stainless Steel, 12.7 x 2.35 mm
Options Flexible in tiers ( 3 or 5 )
Can run as linear cooker as well