The Presizer was designed to ensure a consistent input and product flow to the Bone Cannon® (Hydrau-Separator) increasing the throughput of the Bone Cannon. The Presizer has been designed with minimal moving parts providing years of trouble-free service and optimum cleaning and hygiene. The basic principle of the Presizer is the utilization of Hydraulic pressure against a moving wall, which in turn pushes the bones through a stainless steel grid.

Models: PS300, PS600


  • Reduces any size bone to a length of 15 cm or 6”
  • Loading Hopper
  • Automatic/manual controls
  • Increases the input to the separating machine by 10%
  • Low maintenance costs

Product Applications

Ground Formed Portioned Products
Slice Products
Mechanically Separated Products
Protein Alternatives
Pet Food and Pet Pharma