Use Less Space, Get More Output

The SX330 takes up significantly less floor space, so small and mid-size processors can maximize throughput and efficiencies in their existing plant while growing their business. Its compact size allows it to be easily moved around the plant depending on your production requirements.

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Fast blade speeds and larger throat offer unmatched productivity

The SX330 may be small in size, but its performance and versatility can have a big impact on your bottom line. Maximize profits with a 2.67% yield increase compared to similar slicers.*

High Blade Speeds Slice More Product

With available blade speeds up to 1500 rpm, the SX330 offers higher slicing capacity than comparable slicers in this size range.

Larger Throat Optimizes Throughput

The large slicing throat (160 mm X 330 mm / 6.3” x 13”) and log lengths up to 1000 mm (40”) maximize overall capacity.

Configure your SX330 Slicing System to meet your application needs

Choose Between Automatic and Manual Models

The SX330 is available with automatic product loading, 1500 rpm blade speed, lower product infeed conveyor, and retracting blade during idle cuts. The Manual model offers manual product loading and blade speeds up to 1000 rpm.

SX330 automatic
SX330 manual

Convey Your Way

Both models are available with three different lengths of simple bulk conveyors, an option for a stacking conveyor, or one or two scales and classifiers for weighted portions.

Irregular Shapes Consistently Sliced

A 3-D product scanner can be added to the Automatic model to optimize slicing performance with irregularly shaped products, including streaky bacon, back bacon, roast beef, or brisket.

Interleaving Made Easy

A one or two lane interleaver can be added to the SX330 for interleaving a variety of products, including cheese and prosciutto. The independent servo driven feeds ensure consistent and accurate paper placement while minimizing sheet breaks. Threading of the machine is done quickly and easily at the push of a button.

Open Design for the Highest Level of Hygiene

An open, skeletal structure provides clear access to all components, so cleaning and maintenance has never been easier.

No Need for Tools

Tool-free disassembly facilitates fast teardown and helps ensure more complete sanitation. The simple design requires that only a few components must be removed for cleaning.

Electrical Cabinet in the Clear

The control cabinet is situated on the back of the machine instead of under the product loading zone, so it’s more resistant to contaminants and washdown, as well as being away from the product drip zone.

User-Friendly Tap and Control

The large, intuitive 380 mm (15") touch screen stores and controls all pre-programmed operations – simplifying operation and troubleshooting. Daily operating parameters are controlled from a single screen. Optional remote monitoring package is available.

Maintain Consistency

You can easily store product codes to ensure repeatable performance, resulting in more consistent products with every run.

Change Products Quickly & Easily

Manually adjustable shear bar and product tray guide facilitate quick product changeovers – from bacon and brisket to beef, cheese, salami and more. Move from one product to the next with minimal effort and down time.

Minimal Changeover Time

The SX330 slices a wide range of products with ease and efficiency.

Changeover Animation

Quickly and easily change to different sized products.

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Explore Features

A range of options lets you configure your machine to optimize performance for your slicing applications. Schedule a demo to see how the SX330 can give your business a big competitive edge.

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See the SX330 in Action

Watch these videos to see how the compact SX330 performs high-speed slicing on a wide range of products.

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