Visit Us at Process Expo 2019

Booth 620
October 8–11
McCormick Place in Chicago

Ignite Innovation with Provisur’s Full-Line Solutions

Stop by Process Expo Booth 620 to see how our innovative machines can work together to give you higher yields, better quality, and improved hygiene. While you’re there, you can check us out in two live production demos, the dry sausage line and the pet food line.

Can’t wait? Get a sneak peek here!

See Our Live Demos

  • Dry sausage slicing with the Formax® SX380 and SX-Loader
  • Kibble processing with the Weiler® Omni V® 220 grinder

Explore Our Innovative Machines

Slicing and Pressing

  • Formax® SX330
  • Formax® SX380 with new interleaving functionality
  • Hoegger® X4i


  • AM2C® Barracuda® 820
  • Beehive® S20 with BPF40 Pump
  • Sepamatic® 4000

Mixing, Forming, Grinding

  • Weiler® Mixer Pump Grinder 14/360B
  • Formax® NovaMax® 660
  • Formax® VerTex® 660 with Tenderform

Cooking, Marinating, Defrosting

  • Lutetia® Model 40 Tumbler