Weiler® Breader

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Finalizing the range of coating equipment available from Provisur, the Weiler Breader is ideal for the application of a wide range of standard crumbs and Japanese Style crumbs. Through gentle handling of the material and frequency controlled belt speed, maximum pickup of the crumbs is achieved on both the top and bottom of your products.


  • Stainless steel motors with no cooling fans
  • Frequency controlled stainless steel hygienic blower
  • Vibrating plate
  • Pressure roller
  • Hopper and feeding system designed to minimize the amount of circulating crumbs
  • Hygienic and ergonomic design, easy to clean
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TST Breader
TST Breader
TST Breader
TST Breader
TST Breader
TST Breader
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Evenly applies crumbs, flakes, or other particles to create crunchy textures or an extra kick of spicy flavor

Product Features



Effective usable belt width 400, 600 and 1000
Belt speed adjustable 2.4 – 18 m/min
Electric power consumption 2,6 kW, 400 Volt 50Hz 3 phases + ground
Motors Stainless steel, IP66
Mesh wire belt Stainless steel, pitch 12.7 x 2.35 mm
  • Vibrating plate
  • Level control sensor (for automatic control of crumbs level)
  • Autoloader
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Thorough application and gentle handling give your products the Weiler® edge.

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Weiler® Breader
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Weiler® Breader