Weiler® Coater

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The Weiler Coater is a versatile machine used for the application of adding a large variety of liquid coatings with a low viscosity to your products. Through much experience and innovative design work, Provisur’s Weiler brand has optimized the coating process to deliver thorough application while ensuring careful treatment of your product. The hygienic and ergonomic design is also easy to thoroughly clean.


  • Application by means of 4 curtains
  • Stainless steel motors with no cooling fans
  • “Horseshoe” scraping of the belt, helps avoid lumps in the next step of coating
  • Frequency controlled stainless steel hygienic blower
  • Frequency controlled belt speed
  • Easily adjustable frame height by hand
  • A separate and faster output belt helps spread out product on exit
  • No separate parts for cleaning
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TST™ Coater
TST™ Coater
TST™ Coater
TST™ Coater
TST™ Coater
TST™ Coater
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Evenly applies pre-mixed batter to formed products, while also helping to separate individual pieces

Product Features



Effective usable belt width 400, 600 and 1000
Belt speed adjustable     2.4 – 18 m/min
Electric power consumption 2,22 kW, 400 Volt 50Hz 3 phases + ground
Motors Stainless Steel, IP66
Mesh wire belt Stainless Steel, pitch 9,525 X 2mm
Viscosity application Maximum 2000 Cp
  • Double jacket
  • Level control sensor
  • TSTBatter Mixer
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Thorough application and gentle handling give your products the Weiler® edge.

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Weiler Coater
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Weiler Coater