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Provisur leads the way in burger processing innovations.

We've been a leader in burger processing since the 1970s. We've been innovating since day one, improving taste and bite while streamlining production, maximizing throughput and boosting profits.

Better technology makes burgers better.

Provisur is proud of its legacy of burger processing excellence. Explore our products below to see our innovative technologies.

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Weiler® Grinding & Mixing

When commercial grinding and mixing systems are evaluated for durability, performance, product quality and the lowest cost of ownership, nothing beats Provisur's lineup of Weiler® equipment, including the Dominator® and Balanced Flow technologies. The Weiler brand includes a wide range of innovative mixing, grinding and material handling solutions for ground beef, protein alternatives, and more. And the unique counter-rotating paddle system gently mixes the product to maintain the best taste and bite.

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Grinding & Mixing

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Formax® Forming

Formax's VerTex® Tender-Form® vertical fill system is designed for today's superior ground beef products, providing more even cooking, consistent internal temperatures, better overall shape, and an improved tender texture. The cylindrical open drum design improves yield, and its low cost of ownership saves you money. The HomeStyle® Patty System is an excellent peripheral designed to work with any Formax® forming machine. The system, consisting of the former feeding the HomeStyle® conveyor, creates a patty with a hand-formed look, much like grandma used to make.

Choose the patty style you want and get all the throughput, superior portion control and productivity you've come to expect with a Formax Forming machine — without setting up a dedicated line. A built-in paper feed system is also available for most forming machine models, which makes it ideal for foodservice, case-ready, fresh or frozen products.

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Formax® Forming

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Product Handling

From bucket lifts, transfer systems, and transfer conveyors, Provisur's wide range of product handling systems are available to automate product handling and offer a variety of line configurations. Our peripheral equipment easily integrates with other equipment and extends your capabilities to maximize throughput and productivity while minimizing the labor required.

Our Feed the Former® Automated Transfer System feeds formers and stuffers and can utilize pumps and conveyors. Simply put, it offers a full solution for processors to automate their line, while creating efficiencies that lead to high throughput and a more streamlined process.

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Product Handling Solutions

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Paper Feed System

Formax®'s paper feedback system can feed paper up to 31 portions per stack with uniform heights up to 6” (152mm) on some of our forming machines. The paper hopper, vacuum bar, and vacuum cup are easily removed to change sizes. Hoppers can be refilled without interrupting production. Forming operations with the slide plate model can also be changed from “Stack & Count” to IQF production for use with the flat belt and spiral “in-line” freezers.

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Paper Products

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Better equipped to push product boundaries.

The Provisur Ingenuity Center® is a state-of-the-art technology center where customers can see and test Provisur's latest technology. A true production environment, staffed with experienced application experts and food scientists, the Center helps customers push the boundaries with solutions to their processing and new product development challenges.

In addition, Provisur's team of food scientists have more than 80 years of combined field experience. They use this know-how, along with food science degrees and proprietary software, to design better systems and help customers solve production issues.

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