Forming Product Handling Equipment & Peripherals



Speeds freezing, reduces energy costs, delivers faster cooking patties.

Formax®’s Cuber-Perforator speeds freezing, reduces energy consumption and delivers a faster cooking patty while maintaining more of their original size. Optional knife styles for cubing, scoring and knitting are available. The Cuber-Perforator is available on all Formax models.


  • While in operation knifepoint alignment adjustable
  • While in operation penetration depth adjustable
  • Across the full-width knife penetration adjustment is uniform
  • Variable belt speed 72 ft (21.94m)/minute
  • Electronic variable speed control, hydraulic drive optional
  • Portions up to 1.250” (31.75mm) thick
  • Top knife assembly raises to bypass perforation
  • Removable upper and lower knife stripper assemblies

Making meatballs? We have multiple solutions. Contact us to learn more.

Patty System

HomeStyle® Patty System

HomeStyle® Patty System produces a better product.

Beef up your sales with a uniquely better patty that doesn’t require a dedicated line. Choose the shape and patty style you want and get all the speed, portion control and productivity of your Formax® forming system. The HomeStyle Patty System consists of any Formax forming machine feeding a HomeStyle Conveyor. Superior portion control, speed and a built-in paper feed system make the HomeStyle Patty System right for foodservice, case-ready, pre-cooked, fresh or frozen.

Technical Information – At a glance

  • Superior portion control +/-.5%
  • No dedicated line
  • Low capital expenditure
  • High productivity up to 8,000 lbs. (3630 KG) per hour
  • Perfect for case ready, pre-cooked, frozen or fresh, beef, turkey or pork patties
  • Flexible product sizes, shapes, textures
Paper Feed System

Papers and stacks tight patty formations to a preset count.

Formax®’s Paper Feed System can paper up to 31 portions per stack with uniform heights up to 6” (152mm) on some of our Forming machines. Paper hopper, vacuum bar, and vacuum cup are easily removed to change sizes. Hoppers can be refilled without interrupting production. Forming operations with any model can also be changed from “Stack & Count” to IQF production for use with the flat belt and spiral “in-line” freezers.

Product Handling Equipment

Bucket Lift

The safe, sanitary way to repeatedly load your forming system.

Formax®’s Bucket Lift loads up to 400 lbs. (180 kgs) of product in less than a minute – using the standard stainless steel dump buckets you likely already have. That’s an approximate lift rate of 9.5 feet (2.9m) per minute. F400 requires flooring mounting.

Features include:

  • Mounts directly to a Formax forming machine. Optional floor mounting available for the other models.
  • Stainless steel frame and enclosures.
  • Mounting position optional – rear, operator side, non-operator side.
  • Screw drive system with brake for improved safety. Designed to take full advantage of your forming system’s power and stability.
Transfer System

FEED the FORMER™ System

Powerful efficiency. Cost savings. Totally flexible.

FEED the FORMERautomated transfer systems bridge the gap, safely and efficiently moving your raw material to the further processing equipment while reducing manual touch points, via belts or pumps. This intelligent, totally flexible use of automation allows you to improve efficiency, increase capacity, enhance food safety, all while saving you time and money.

Transfer System

Shuttle Transfer System

STSServo Shuttle Transfer System maximizes belt coverage and productivity.

Formax®’s STS servo shuttle transfer system utilizes state-of-the-art computer technology to automatically load any size conveyor up to 40”, 48″ or 72″ wide. Operators simply enter the desired shuttle distance and portion size and the STS does the rest. Programmed product codes entered through the control panel ensure consistent and precise product placement onto the takeaway conveyor. The STS can be synchronized with Provisur forming machines to maximize product coverage of downstream conveyors. The system also improves product distribution and reduces rejects.

We also offer the following conveyors:

  • Transfer Conveyor
  • Pack-off Conveyor
  • Indexing Tray Conveyor
Transfer Conveyor

TC Transfer Conveyor

Particularly well suited for inspection and metal detection, as well as for pre-ground raw materials. Weiler® transfer conveyors are designed to efficiently convey a wide variety of raw materials.

Raw Material

  • Whole trim
  • Pre-ground fresh and frozen
  • Pre-broken frozen
  • Other (consult factory)


  • Belt width: 24 in. (600 mm)
  • Consult factory for information on other belt widths available