Discover Provisur Paper Products: Optimized for interactivity with your machines.

Highly regarded for quality and food safety for more than 40 years, our wide selection of Provisur Formax® brand papers has expanded to cover a wide range of applications, with each paper product optimized for use on Provisur equipment.

Typical applications include, but are no limited to: burger patties, cheese interleaving and sliced meat interleaving.

You can expect excellent value and trouble-free processing when using any of the available paper formats listed below:


Single ply paper typically used for fresh, fresh vacuum pack, MAP or IQF (spiral or tunnel).

EZ Release

Single ply paper with a wax blend coating that provides an enhanced release for tackier products.


Laminated 2-ply paper typically used for blast freeze applications.

Pin Feed

Single or double pin feed paper with a ¼” hole drilled for use on older style Hollymatic’s or Koppen’s formers.


Single or double paper designed exclusively for F-6®

Printed papers

Single, double or larger cut sheet used to layer patties in a box.

Cut Sheet (Layer Pack)

Single or double larger cut sheet used to layer patties in a box.

Roll Stock

Single ply supplied on a roll. Width and outside diameter is specific to application.

Custom shapes and sizes

Octagon, hex, oval, round and more. Available as single or double in most grades.

Manufactured within our state-of-the-art SQF-Certified paper processing plant, Formax paper use only the highest quality raw materials and advanced technology that assures precise and uniform characteristics.

Food safety is also assured, through the rigorous process that led to our SQF® Certification – a standard of quality that is recognized worldwide.