Add flexibility and functionality to your equipment using innovative Formax® brand tooling, blades, and consumables.

Provisur Tooling & Blades are made from only the finest materials and manufactured to work in complete harmony with your Provisur equipment. Measured and manufactured to work seamlessly with your Provisur equipment, our tooling and blades are crafted from the world’s finest materials, ensuring long life and assisting the production of attractive products and consistently on weight portions. Maximize your machine performance with genuine Formax Blades or any of the vast of combinations of innovative Formax Tooling that can be customized to advance your product development and processing efforts. See details below.

Formax® Forming Tooling 

Formax Tooling is measured and manufactured to work with your Formax® forming equipment. Innovative systems for whole muscle poultry, chicken nuggets, boneless hot wings, skinless sausage, bratwurst, and more are made from only the finest materials, including, PerformAlloy®, Formalyte® and EconoTest®. Our tooling is engineered to the tightest tolerances to minimize leakage and maximize usable life. Only Formax Tooling including drums, mold plates and breather plates, can provide you with processing flexibility, while also delivering the industry’s most consistent portion weights and minimal leakage.

Be assured, the Formax tooling group also offers the shortest lead times in the industry and can design customized tooling to help you produce the most demanding 3D product shapes.

Choose from our proprietary Tooling Systems:


Creates skinless sausage and bratwurst with excellent texture and precise weight control.


Creates consistent, exact weight portions with natural texture and shape.


Gives you the texture and appearance of natural products while improving portion control.


Used on our rotary forming machine, the drum is a component in the tooling assembly that defines the product size, shape and thickness of your products.

Mold Plate

Used in our slide plate forming machines, the mold plate is the component in the tooling assembly that defines that product size, shape and thickness of your products.

Breather Plate

Used on both rotary and slide plate forming machines. As product flows into the drums or mold plate, the breather plate allows the air to escape from the cavity and trap only product in to cavity.

Knockout Cups

Used on both rotary and slide plate machines, the knockout cups push the product out of the drum or mold plate cavity onto a take away conveyor

All standard Formax mold plates can be shipped in 5 working days! Shorter lead times are available upon special request.

Formax® Blades

Precision Formax® Blades boost yields, improve slice quality and portion consistency. Engineered and precisely manufactured by Provisur to optimize line performance and improve slice integrity, genuine Formax Blades also prove to be the economical choice when used exclusively over the life of your Formax® and Cashin® Slicers.

Available in a wide variety of profiles, serration patterns, angles, and coating options, Provisur’s Formax blades are made from a high chromium alloy using a 14-step production process that assures longer blade life. Formax Blades hold their edge longer and can be re-ground to original specifications up to six times, providing significant savings over the extended life of each blade.