Match the precision of your Provisur machinery with the fit, form, and function of genuine OEM parts. Accept nothing less.

We offer OEM parts for many of our innovative machines and supporting equipment, such as the Bone Cannon and the Presizer used with the Bone Cannon. Every Provisur replacement part is precisely engineered and carefully manufactured using only the highest quality materials. Strict tolerances are consistently maintained, not only to maximize the life of your new replacement part but also to protect your industrial food processing machine from friction, vibration and other problems that can be caused by parts of lesser quality.

On-time delivery is a service you can count on.

Delivery of the right parts, at the right time, is just another way we ensure peak performance for our customers.

  • Provisur maintains one of the industry’s largest global inventory of OEM parts and consumable supplies
  • Virtually all mission-critical parts are always in stock and shipped the same day as the orders are received.
  • More than 98% of our most common parts are shipped on the same day they are ordered.

When combined with the reliability built into every genuine Provisur brand part, you can count on Provisur to help maximize the uptime of your processing line.

Order your genuine OEM parts. Contact Us now.