Mechanically Separated Products

Customers rely on Provisur technology to efficiently recover usable protein by separating it from hard tissue, sinew and bone. Using three key separation technologies (rotary, press and belt) Provisur application specialists can advise you on the best technical solution to meet your specific needs.

Red Meat: Beef and pork can be efficiently separated from bones resulting in very high-quality meat output (AMR) that can often be incorporated into burgers or patties.  Provisur meat bone separators are also used after grinding to eliminate bones in ground meat applications

Poultry: Our various rotary separation technologies are suitable for a range of mechanically separated poultry meat applications from ground chicken, highly structured 3mm meat to MSC and MST. The output is used in cooked products such as chicken sausage of chicken nuggets.

Fish: From Omega3 oil recovery to deboning applications, Provisur separation technologies are in operation around the world.

Other Applications: Provisur equipment is well suited to process alternative proteins, potatoes and select fruits and vegetables.

Example Products: Ground Meat, AMR, MSM, MDM, MSC, MST, Mashed Potatoes

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