Drive Growth and Profit in Pet Consumables

Ready to grow in the booming, highly competitive commercial pet food, treats and pharma market? The key is consistently delivering high quality and volume at the lowest unit cost. Only Provisur has the best-in-class brands to help you do both.

Whether you have small, medium, or large capacity processing, our proven manufacturing equipment can meet your needs. Equipment such as Weiler® grinders, Formax® and VerTex formers, and Beehive® rotary and Provisur belt separators give your business higher productivity, scalability, and profitability.

Pet Food Processing Equipment

Our manufacturing equipment and complete systems are designed for rugged applications and high-production throughput of wet and dry pet consumables.

The renowned durability and innovation behind each of our brands increases your ROI while reducing the cost of labor and materials waste. You have more ways to give consumers the high quality and variety they want for their pets.

  • Maximize yield with Beehive® rotary  and Provisur belt separators and pumps for all types of raw material—red meat, poultry, pork, seafood.
  • Boost quality and throughput with “Weiler Tough” grinding, mixing, and rendering. Weiler® Dominator equipment processes bone by-products, frozen blocks, pre-broken and fresh material.
  • Produce the widest variety of products and shapes (treats, kibble, chubs, pills) and textures with Formax® and VerTex formers, offering uncompromising weight control and excellent natural appearance.

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