Meat, Poultry and Raw Material Separation

Only Provisur offers processors the choice of all three mechanical deboner and desinewer separation machines (rotary, belt and press technologies) to match the exact need for output texture and quality, as well as the cost-efficient recovery of meat, poultry, and other raw materials, including potatoes, fruits and vegetables.

Rotary Separators

Since 1967, our Beehive® and AM2C® brands of rotary separators has been widely regarded as the world’s most versatile, with a unique ability to handle a broad range of raw materials and responsive controls that allow the operator to generate a variety of textures.

Belt Separators

Provisur’s belt separators feature low auger rotation speeds, resulting in minimal temperature rise, reduced wear and exceptional durability. These separators offer a simple and accurate yield adjustment, as well as a hygienic design that is easy to clean and reassemble.

Press Separators

When larger bone sizes create different challenges, Provisur provides powerful press technology with our Bone Cannon that extracts high yields of meat that remains after prime cuts have been harvested.

Our newly introduced STS (Soft Tissue Separator) provides processors with high-quality end product output. This soft tissue separation technology performs separation of bone fragments, sinew, cartilage from meat, fish and other applications to ensure higher yields and high-quality end products.

Completing our broad offering of separation technology, our Hoegger® brand systems are renowned for gentle hard/soft separation in applications like potato mash, flakes and formed potato products, as well as fruits and vegetables.

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