Provisur’s Hoegger® brand of separators deliver maximum yields when used to produce fresh potato mash from whole, peeled or unpeeled, cooked potatoes, and when used to produce specialty products from the waste stream of French Fries production. Superior hard/soft separation technology also ensures consistently high quality purees from apples and other fruits. Automatic and recipe controlled regulation of separation degree allows for gentle product handling and easily reproducible, high-quality results. Our Hoegger separators are operator friendly, easy to clean, and have very low operating costs.

Models include: PS2000, PS4000

  • Optimal hard/soft separation
  • Excellent mash quality
  • Gentle action protects delicate raw materials
  • Controlled, low pressure assures high product quality
  • Metered and controlled hopper fill level
  • Minimal servicing required
Model Specifications